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This section contains all NGOs that work in Gweru and in the surrounding areas.

Jointed Hands Welfare Organization

Jointed Hands Welfare Organisation is a non-profit making organisation established in 2005 as an innovative and dynamic reputable one- stop training and welfare centre for the promotion and development of Apostolic and Zion member churches and communities.

The organisation is responsible for spearheading developmental programmes for the white garment church members (Apostolic and Zion). The Head Office is in Gweru, operating in Midlands, Matebeleland South and Mashonaland West.

Click here to view Jointed Hands Welfare Organization

EightyTwenty Vision

Founded by David Pocock who now plays rugby for the Wallabies but grew up in Gweru. "We don’t have a grand plan, instead we focus on the simple things that work. Things like training in conservation farming – so people can feed themselves, drilling and maintaining bore holes – so people have access to clean drinking water, refurbishing mothers waiting shelters – so mothers can give birth in safer environments and school refurbishments – so children can safely attend school".

Click here to view EightyTwentyVision

Midlands Aids Service Organisation

MASO is one of the key AIDS Service Organisations in Zimbabwe involved in HIV/AIDS Programme activities and its target area is the Midlands Province with a population of 1,7million (600,000 men and 700,000 women). The organisation carries out the following programmes, Community Home Based Care, Orphaned and Vulnerable Children, Education and Gender, Behaviour Change/Prevention, Counselling, Herbal and Nutrition gardens, Advocacy and Capacity Building. MASO was formed and registered as an N.G.O in 1991 by members of the Gweru Community. It secured its first donor funding in 1994 and transformed from a voluntary to a full-time professional organisation. The organisation enjoys the support of a number of donors who support it. It employs a full-time staff of 31 people and has over 300 community volunteers.

Click here to view MASO


Antelope Park is home to ALERT (African Lion and Environmental Research Trust). For more information on this trust and its positive step and successes, please visit: To donate and make a difference towards ALERT and its variety of programmes, please visit the following link:

Click here to view ALERT

Gweru Women's AIDS Prevention Association (GWAPA)

To work towards the promotion of practices, policies, institutions and capabilities that strengthen the voice and participation of marginalized women especially commercial sex workers, in improving their socio-economic standing and reducing the spread and impact of HIV and AIDS. This is done through the provision of tools and informamtion that enable commercial sex workers and other marginalized groups to enjoy full citizenship by having choices and options, living without stigma and avoiding exposure to HIV and AIDS.

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