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The motivation for this portal
The city portal is an initiative that seeks to connect residents, business, visitors, Gweru residents in the diaspora and investors of the City of Gweru. In so doing it creates a platform where we can harness the SYNERGY of our enterprising and innovative residents. That way, it provides free and up-to-date current news, coming events, a fully interactive Business Directory, information about activities of Non Governmental Organisations, a Community section with venue hire, classified adverts and photo galleries. takes our beautiful city and puts it in the palm of your hands.

The Team

Currently the team is made up of members in the USA, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Norway, Australia, Zambia and the UK. They do this on a voluntary basis with the ultimate aim of socio-economic development in the city. We are currently looking for creatives and entrepreneurs who can use this platform to make a difference. Please contact us here

Residents and Former Citizens that Keep Us moving

1. Time to take Gweru plight

2.Mvuma Chimney

3. Wiseman Magwa

4. Music Ensemble

5. Shurugwi

6. Driefontein Mission

7. Meet Lil Jon

8. Outstanding Community Member

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All the coming events in and around Gweru
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