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Zinwa refutes shortages
Stephen Chadenga

Zinwa refutes Gweru water shortages
THE Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) has refuted reports that the City of Gweru was facing water shortages, arguing the city’s supply dams had adequate water to reach the next rainy season.

Zinwa Sanyati catchment engineer, Felix Mubvaruri said reports that the city was facing water woes were sensational, as both Gwenoro and Amapongokwe dams were above 50% capacity.

This came amid claims by the local authority that its supply dams were running dry.

Gweru acting town clerk, Edgar Mwedzi recently said the local authority was considering water rationing due to decreased water levels at its main supply dams.

But Mubvaruri last week dispelled the fears.

“Following recent media reports alleging that Gweru will soon experience acute water shortages as a result of the El Nino-induced drought, Zinwa would like to allay those fears and assure the Gweru community that Gwenoro and Amapongokwe dams have enough water to sustain the city until at least the next rainy season,” he said.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Gwenoro Dam from where the city gets much of its water, is 51,6% full as at June 13, 2016, while Amapongokwe is 59,4%. We are confident that the available water is good enough to meet Gweru water requirements.”

Mubvaruri urged the local authority to instead increase its water pumping capacity to consumers. In the past weeks, most suburbs, particularly in high density areas, have been experiencing dry taps as well as reduced pressure.

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