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Water Supplies to Double
Mejury Magaya

Water Supplies to Double

Water supplies in Gweru should double after the city council installed two more pumps at Amapongokwe Dam, supplied by the Government, to replace water drawn from dry Gwenoro Dam, but more work is needed to pump treated water to the city.

Parts of Gweru city have gone for over three months without water after water levels in Gwenoro Dam fell below the intake tower inlet, meaning that no more water could be drawn from that dam until rains fall and the dam starts filling.

Government had to chip in and supply water pumps as well as helping fund the cash-strapped council’s project of pumping water from Amapongobwe Dam.

Council spokesperson Ms Vimbai Chingwaramusee yesterday said the two extra water pumps were now functional at Amapongobwe and mechanical work was in progress to enhance the pumping capacity of the newly-installed pumps.
“As for the mechanical installations, electricians are finalising installations and we hope there will be an improvement from the current 20 megalitres a day.

“The installation of raw water pumps will increase raw water supply capacity to plus or minus 60 megalitres a day.
However treated water pumped to the city is at plus or minus 20 megalitres a day since only three of the nine pumps (for treated water) are functioning,” she said.

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