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Water Reservoirs Functional
Stephen Chadenga

Gweru water reservoirs now functional
Gweru City Council’s water reservoirs are now functional after their recommissioning in September last year, a senior official has said.

Chairperson of the commission running the affairs at council, Tsunga Mhangami, told Southern Eye yesterday that the reservoirs were now up after lying dormant for more than a decade.

“Yes, I can confirm that the water reservoirs in the Kopje area are now functional and have been filled with water,” Mhangami said.

“We want to make sure that the city is well supplied with water and water storage is the way to go.”

In the past, treated water used to be pumped from the main source, Gwenoro Dam, straight to residents.

The situation, however, saw erratic water supplies in the event of power cuts or electric faults affecting the pumping system.

“Making sure that residents access water is a top priority for us, hence our efforts in rehabilitating the reservoirs,” Mhangami said.

“We are assessing the situation so that we can add on a pumping booster to increase pumping pressure from the tanks.”

Suburbs such as Mkoba 19 had to go with dry taps for years, with some relying on unprotected wells dug in their backyard.

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