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Vehicle Clamping

Below is an email that was sent from a concerned Gweru resident.

I wish to express my displeasure with the manner I was treated concerning the above topic. I have searched for any possible website for Gweru City Council but found none. On the 17th of April I was traveling with my young brother together with our wives and packed our vehicle with South African registration. We then left the vehicle for about 30mins. On our way back the vehicle was clamped.
When we asked for the reason we were told that we did not display any parking disk..
1. When we parked the vehicle there was no one manning the area to issue tickets
2. There is no sign indicating that parking should be paid for Between Cabs and Pick and Pay
3. Other vehicles packed were not displaying any packing disks
4. The guy manning the place surfaced when we were now arguing with the guys who had clamped our vehicle.
5. It shows that one person cant man the place effectively
6 It also shows that the clamping of a vehicle with foreign numbers was selective
7. When I asked the guy manning the place for a phone number for the City Council he said he did not know.
8.The other four guys who came to unlock the vehicle also said they did not know their work phone numbers.
The team did not show any customer care please may you help send my letter to Gweru City Council
l did my education at Mambo and Thornhill high schools trained at CMED Gweru I have not seen such behavior.

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