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Scholarships - FundoLinker
Charles Chigoriwa

FundoLinker and the FundoLinker Community

FundoLinker is a dedicated education community which comprises schools, companies, students, parents, guardians and individual donors. Schools include colleges, normal schools, universities and driving schools. FundoLinker connects students to their education network for better education and employment opportunities. We help students (in collaboration with their parents and guardians) 1. discover or rediscover their career anytime. 2. find and discover the right school, trainer or tutor anytime. 3. get scholarships anytime 4. communicate and interact with companies, schools, trainers, tutors, and captains and veterans of industries anytime. 5. connect to the industry for apprentice, internship, graduate trainee and other related positions.

We believe that an education community deserves a lean and clean networking platform that respects the dignity, discipline and culture of the education community. The resultant network should be self sustainable and be able to address the peculiarities of the education community. Undoubtedly FundoLinker is ideal for this.

We built a minimum viable product which we used to validate our ideas and hypothesis with our beta market. The FundoLinker network can be divided into two subnetworks namely Foundation Network and Provider Network. Foundation Network consists of students, parents, guardians and compassionate individual donors. Provider Network is made of up of schools, trainers, tutors and companies. Unsurprisingly there is a stubborn chicken and egg scenario between these two networks. However, our priority right now is to massively expand our Foundation Network educating students, parents, guardians and benevolent individual donors about FundoLinker and its importances.

We believe the Foundation Network attracts the Provider Network at some point along the way. In two weeks time we will be launching our campaign -FundoLinker Pagedhi/FundoLinker igedini-which involves energetic FundoLinker brand ambassadors/evangelists standing at the gates of schools, stadiums, beer halls and churches rigorously educating the foundation network about FundoLinker. More campaigns such as FundoLinker pagonhi, FundoLinker mukombi and FundoLinker murank will be subsequently launched after FundoLinker Pagedhi.

It is worth noting that FundoLinker started by employing a bottom up approach i.e. starting in the humble and simple communities whose problems were central to FundoLinker as such we predominantly made use of outbound selling and marketing mechanisms.

They say great products don't sell themselves and therefore we are appealing to you to join us in evangelizing our utility platform FundoLinker which is poised to put Zimbabwe back to work.

Many thanks

We look forward to hearing from you.

Charles Chigoriwa
FundoLinker co-founder, CEO and Head of Community
0773 831 847 (Sms and Voice)
0773347871(Whatsapp- Arthur Tapfuma- FundoLinker Lead Marketer and Evangelist)

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