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Mwedzi appointed Town Clerk
Gweru Times


The Mhangami commission which kicked Gweru town clerk Daniel Matawu out of office amid allegations of massive corruption, has swiftly appointed city finance director Edgar Mwedzi as the interim town clerk in an effort to avoid rocking the boat, according to The Times, a Gweru-based government-controlled weekly.
Mwedzi has been propelled to the helm of Town House as interim town clerk by the Mhangami commission following the suspension of Matawu who is accused of harbouring serious corruption during his tenure in office. He will remain at the helm until investigations facing Matau have been finished.

Speaking with the paper, Chairman Tsunga Mhangami confirmed that Mwedzi had been promoted to the powerful position.
" (Edgar) Mwedzi is now in charge of administration, he has been officially appointed the Town Clerk in the interim with the authority and blessings of the commision.
"We could not appoint the current Chamber Secretary as he is on an acting capacity," said Mhangami.
So far the commission has conducted interviews for two other heads of department' positions from the five that need filling.
"We are in the process of recruiting heads of departments and we have interviewed those for two departments so far, which are that of Housing, and the Engineering one," said Mhangami.
"The Chamber Secretary cannot be recruited at the moment as there is a pending case on the previous secretary.
"There is a pending cases at the Supreme Court on the former Chamber Secretary (Richard Masinire) who was suspended," he said.

Gibson Chingwadza is currently the acting Chamber Secretary.
Added Mhangami:"So the next immediate department we want to fill is the Health Department before the end of February.
"We do not want to rush on the recruitments, we want to do it step by step so that we dont put ourselves under pressure and we impair our proper judgement.- THE TIMES (GWERU)

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