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Young Gweru Author Pens Motivational Book
TWENTY-TWO-year-old Gweru author Makanaka Sibanda recently launched his first motivational book in the city.

The book is titled Making The Impossible Possible, with the subtitle The Sky is Not the Limit, There are Footprints on the Moon.

In an interview with The Standard Style, Sibanda revealed the secret behind the book.

"In the book lies secrets to success, there is unveiling of untold truths and unthinkable realities on how to extinguish failure from one's life," he said.

"We have forever been told the sky is the limit, but I disagree. If the sky was the limit, there wouldn't be footprints on the moon. There are no limits. This is the secret in the book."

The young author pledged that all those who would read the motivational book would be destined for success.

"After reading and applying the big five principles to personal success contained in five chapters, your success is guaranteed. Even my guarantee is guaranteed! This book is the key to your destiny, you can't miss it for the world," he said.

Sibanda pointed out that the intention of the book was to hand over the keys of success to each and every person who is wise enough to want a failure-free life in the socio-economic atmosphere.
Gweru mayor Josiah Makombe and Gweru Urban MP Brian Dube, who both attended the book launch, applauded Sibanda for his innovation.

"These are the young people of the day that we need to all rally behind so that our future as a nation is taken a step further up," said Makombe.

"We need to invest in the young generation in order to prepare for a successful future and that is why as Gweru City Council we are here at this launch."

Dube, who bought the book for $150, stressed that support should be given to artistes in general so that they find space to express themselves as well as benefit from their talents.

"We urge Gweru City Council to make sure that there are facilities for arts people to use in town in pursuing their works," he said.

"On another note, I also rally all stakeholders to support such young artistes like Sibanda who are putting the city of Gweru on the map. Humble beginnings like these ones always have an end that is rewarding."

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