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Evidence Chipadza- TheSunNews Online

Lions Club raises funds for Mudavanhu Zimcare Trust
The Gweru Lions Club recently raised $860 for the Mudavanhu Zimcare Trust as efforts to support the mentally challenged.

Addressing the media at Surbuban Village, Marketing Director for Lions Club Noku Zhou said their main thrust was to bring women closer so that they could discuss issues pertaining to Mudavanhu since they have a motherly nature.

“We wanted to come up with an event that would attract women, to empower women because women have a motherly nature so we were going to call on them to donate to Mudavanhu Zimcare Trust,” said Zhou.

Zhou added that the story for Mudavanhu moved them that’s why they had to coordinate with other women to donate.

“The Mudavanhu situation is a very sad story, they have 28 children at the moment, 20 are borders and 8 are day scholars. They face a number of challenges and different organizations have gone there to alleviate them but still there is a lot to be covered. They desperately need tracksuits and we are going to make some arrangements,” added Zhou.

36 people came through, 2 exhibitors which are Black Opal, Soshy Botics and Schweppes came on board and donated mineral water and minute maids, Simbisa Brands donated groceries and Tanganda Tea donated tea bags.

Mudavanhu Zimcare is a school located in Mkoba Gweru which caters for the mentally challenged students.

Meanwhile, Lions Club continues to accept donations that will be handed over to Mudavanhu on Saturday from the individuals so that they can support the children.

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