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Dell Innovation Challenge
mygweru Admin

Turning dirt into economic empowerment through the concept of RECYCLE, REDUCE, REUSE and REVENUE

Gre-cycling is a project aimed at recycling waste to generate income. The first step of this pilot project is to recycle plastics in to diesel and other by products. Once the success of this project is achieved focus will be on bio-material/sewage, paper and cans. The project will be located in Senga one of the poorest high density suburb in Gweru, Zimbabwe. It aims to curb the environmental degradation in the area which is highly polluted because of over population that occurs during the Midlands State University semester. The result of the environmental degradation has resulted in unsavoury living conditions and disease outbreaks.

The project aims to enlighten the community on how to keep a clean environment and how to be entrepreneurs in environmentally conducive ways. It also aims to clean and repair a damaged environment, to provide cheap and alternative fuel solutions for the community, to build and repair dilapidated infrastructure and to create job opportunities.

Through the assistance of the University’s, Science and Technology department a simple and effective method of converting plastics to diesel will be used. This method uses a machine that can theoretically convert 60 kgs of plastic into 60 litres of diesel. By products of this process include candle wax and cheap floor polish. Senga as the nearby community was selected as the pilot location therefore if this project is successful, it will expand to other communities.

In order to achieve this, we need to manufacture the equipment then launch a massive cleanup campaign. Lastly the rubbish that is not plastic will be recycled in the later stages of the project.

Once the final product is produced the fuel is sold to the Senga and surrounding communities which are predominantly agricultural areas. The profits that are generated are then channelled towards either project or community development. Although the project is going to start with one initial model it aims at further developing and perfecting the process. The initial profits will be used to further other materials like cans and cans.

For more information go to
Dell Innovation Challenge

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