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Moves for a Cleaner Gweru
GWERU – In a move that is likely to see the Midlands city of Gweru, once described as one of the dirtiest in the country, becoming clean again, the Gweru City Council purchased a refuse truck after which it launched an anti-cholera and typhoid campaign within a few days.

A total of 200 stakeholders, drawn from various sectors of the City of Progress, gathered for the launch, which saw them participate in the cleaning of the city.

The stakeholders included, among the others, the Environmental Management Agency,

Zimbabwe National Army, Airforce of Zimbabwe, Midlands State University, Gweru Polytechnic, churches, Steward Bank, Chicken Inn, OK Supermarket, Dulys, Sheasham Investments, government departments and community based organisations such as the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust.

The campaign saw participants clean the Kudzanayi Long Distance Bus Terminus and fruit and vegetable markets in and around the city.

“The fruit and vegetable markets have at least changed after the launch of the campaign,” said ZDDT Field Officer for Gweru, Davison Mduba, who participated in the launch.

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