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City to Create 180 Jobs
Locadia Mavhudzi

Gweru council creates 180 jobs

GWERU City Council is set to employ 180 general hands to assist in the rehabilitation of roads, water and sewer reticulation systems, among other issues.

Gweru Town Clerk Mrs Elizabeth Gwatipedza made the announcement during a full council meeting recently.

“We have applied to our parent ministry (Local Government, Public Works and National Housing) to allow us to employ 180 general hands to beef up our staff as there is an urgent need to attend to rehabilitation work, which is currently ongoing in various departments,” she said.

She said waste was blocking stormwater drains in the central business district and high-density suburbs.

Mrs Gwatipedza said general hands were also needed to assist in the road rehabilitation work that was also in progress.

She also notified the full council board that they had so far employed 20 sweepers to clean the central business district during weekends and public holidays.

“We have also engaged 20 sweepers to work during weekends and public holidays because as you know our workers will be off on such days,” said Mrs Gwatipedza.

“Council properties such as toilets are critical and need to be cleaned every day.”

Meanwhile, Councillor Cathrine Mhondiwa of Ward 12 in Mkoba said there was need to spruce up most council properties, adding that grass cutting was urgently needed.

“There is need to maintain council properties,” he said. “Most buildings and their yards are in a sorry state. Mkoba Hall, for example, is poorly maintained, the toilets need attention and the grass in the yard needs to be cut.”

Cllr Mhondiwa said grass cutting was needed along major roads where motorists were now at risk of being involved in accidents due to blind spots created by the uncut grass.

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