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500T Peas Export
Chronicle Online

Gweru firm targets 500t peas exports
A FIRM in Gweru that is in the business of exporting peas and other horticultural products to Europe says it has suffered a major setback due to foreign currency shortages.

Linfield Farm exports on average of four tonnes of peas to The Netherlands on a daily basis and are also cultivating flowers, which are due for export in August to the same market, operations director Mr Tatenda Karimazondo, said.

“We have faced a number of challenges this season mainly because of the outbreak of diseases that affected us. We are not getting as much as we should but we will continue since we want to be a reliable supplier for the foreign market,” he said.

“The major challenge affecting us this year is the shortage of foreign currency. There are chemicals we need for controlling pests which are not found locally.

“For our industry the challenge is that at times you encounter unforeseen challenges like diseases and you need money timely to buy pesticides to quickly control the disease.”

Mr Karimazondo said this year his farm was targeting average exports of 500 tonnes of peas. He commended Government’s efforts to avail the much needed foreign currency to support industry but said more support was needed.

“Government has put in place some measures for us to get foreign currency, which have helped a lot. Those in the gold sector get 70 percent in United States dollars and 30 percent will be deposited in their bank accounts.

“If we get such kind of allocation in the agricultural sector it will be sufficient for farmers to produce enough to make Zimbabwe the agricultural hub it used to be,” said Mr Karimazondo.

“We are also exporting and earning foreign currency for the country so we need to be supported to produce more.”

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