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Gweru Business, ZIMCAST
Gweru Business
Business in Gweru, ZIMCAST


Zimcast was established in 1947 and was bought by ABERCAL Holdings in 1972; becoming part of the APEX Corporation of Zimbabwe in 1985 through a takeover Apex Corporation of Zimbabwe in turn underwent an unbundling process in the year 2000 creating three separately listed groups of Companies;Gulliver;Phoenix Consolidated Industries(PCI)and APEX Corporation of Zimbabwe.

ZIMCAST is one of the largest foundries in Zimbabwe employing 450 employees and producing close to 8 000 tonnes of finished products. 30% is exported to South Africa;Botswana and plans are underway to penetrate Zambia;Tanzania and Kenya.

Physical Address:22-23 Portland Rd Bristol Rd

Contact Details
Contact:Vongai Bisendi
Tel Number:+263 54 2229024
Mobile Number:+263 11-347823
Fax Number:+263-54-2229024