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Pace Car Rental
Gweru Business, Pace Car Rental
Gweru Business
Business in Gweru, Pace Car Rental

Pace Car Rental

Are you from Zimbabwe but now living overseas?

Pace allow cross border rentals into Zimbabwe.

When wanting to visit home you would more than likely fly to Johannesburg, rent a car and then drive to Zimbabwe. Unfortunately most car hire companies don't allow their vehicles to cross into Zimbabwe.

If you are a Zimbabwean living overseas we can rent you a vehicle for you to cross into Zimbabwe with.

Telephone: 087 808 2542 - Rent a car reservations line
Mobile: 084 840 2847 (Berne)
Mobile: 083 236 7129 (Gren)

Contact Details
Tel Number:+27 87 808 2542
Mobile Number:+27 84 840 2847