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Doves Funeral Services
Gweru Business, Doves Funeral Services
Gweru Business
Business in Gweru, Doves Funeral Services

Doves Funeral Services

Doves Funeral Services (Pvt) Ltd was established in 1902 by David John Morgan, a wheelwright and blacksmith. It was the first professional funeral service establishment in Zimbabwe , providing professional funeral homes. It started off as a small family business, operating from number 161 Harare Street , in Harare.

Drawing from the infrastructure and support from its sister companies, Doves Funeral Services offers full and comprehensive funeral service packages to Doves Funeral Assurance Policy Holders, and cash-paying corporate and individual clients.

Symbolic to our African way of life, are the dynamic and diverse multi-cultural traditions in the art of handling, caring for, and laying our dearly departed to their eternal resting places, and Doves Funeral Services prides itself in its highly skilled human resource base with extensive hands-on experience in their respective portfolios to cater for the various funeral types.

At Doves Funeral Services we take greater care as we strive to exceed customer expectations as embodied in our Core Values and Mission Statement.

You can rely on us for an expertise that has been brewed over a century of caring!!!

Contact Details
Tel Number:+263 54 223310