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Delta Corporation
Gweru Business, Delta Corporation
Gweru Business
Business in Gweru, Delta Corporation

Delta Corporation

Delta Corporation is a broad-based company with interests in beverages (manufacturing and distribution) and the Agro Industrial sectors. It is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and is one of the top quoted companies in terms of market capitalisation.

Its beverage business manufactures and distributes Lager beer, Traditional Sorghum beer and Sparkling Soft Drinks.

In the Agro Industrial sector the company is involved in the following activities:-

* Barley malting
* Manufacture of PET, injection and blow moulded plastic products.
* Food processing
* Manufacture and distribution of wines and spirits.

The company traces its roots to 1898 when the foundation stone was laid by the Salisbury Lager Beer Brewery and Ice Factory. It was first listed on the Stock Exchange in 1946 as Rhodesian Breweries Limited. It later changed its name to Delta Corporation in 1978.