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Colcom Foods
Gweru Business, Colcom Foods
Gweru Business
Business in Gweru, Colcom Foods

Colcom Foods

Colcom Foods is a long established and renowned brand name in Zimbabwe and in regional export markets, synonymous with quality and hygiene.

The quality chain incorporates strict veterinary standards and controls from on-farm pig production through to its factory facilities and distribution. On-farm production is led by Colcom's own world class state of the art unit, Triple C Pigs. With its 2200 sow breeding herd, the unit is operated under stringent bio-security and utilizes the latest genetics and management techniques.

In-factory production is subject to numerous wide-ranging international and local standards and by-laws governing food processing facilities, procedures and staff.

Cnr. Lobengula Avenue and 6th St,

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Contact Details
Tel Number:0542 3498
Fax Number:0542 2950