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USAP 2016 Applications

USAP students represent the best and brightest students of their nation. They aspire to broaden their horizons and share ideas and perspectives with a diverse array of people. USAP participants are selected for embodying all of the following four qualities:
• Academic excellence
• Demonstrated leadership potential
• Ethos of giving to community
• Economic disadvantage

The application process varies from country to country. Please download and complete the form for your respective country and send it to the appropriate address. Detailed instructions about the application process and eligibility are included in the application forms. USAP is present in the countries listed in the left column. If the link for your country is inactive (greyed out), then the application form for your country is not yet available. Please check this page frequently or contact us to be notified when it becomes available. If you have any questions about the application process, please feel free to use the contact information listed in the application forms to get in touch with our representatives in your country or to contact our main office. We also have a very detailed Frequently Asked Questions page that answers most of the questions you may have about USAP.

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