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Call For Volunteers
Achibald Marwizi

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS - Gweru International Book Festival (14-16 September 2017)

1. Help with planning and coordinating the Official GIBF Festival Launch and build-up activities.

2. Teams Include: Marketing & Publicity, Exhibitor/Sponsor/ Workshops Coordination, ICT Strategy - Website & Social Media, Artists & Performers/Venues Coordination, Schools, Colleges, Universities Outreach, Community Engagement, Sound & Media, Competitions/Tour Coordination, Experience Management, Risk & Security Management.

3. Benefits Include: Pioneering experience, working and networking with managers, decision-makers, influencers and diverse stakeholders from different schools, colleges, universities, companies, NGOs, Embassies, Development Agencies, parastatals, government ministries and departments, local authorities, private sector companies; gain project management experience, social entrepreneurial and community development exposure and leadership skills.

You want to join the GIBF Volunteer Teams? You have any questions?

CONTACT: 0772 292 470, 0777 030 779, 0772 268 126, 0776 089 598, 0782 799 580

“Igniting The Power of Ideas Whose Time Has Come!”
Call For Volunteers

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