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Photo Galleries


Gweru December 2012
24 December, 12
The hustle and bustle before Christmas Day 2012
Farming Shots
Snapshots of farming activities in and around the city.
Gweru Sports Club - Rugby Team
Our rugby team plying its trade in the top-flight Zimbabwe League.
Positive Youth Programmes
Gweru Children's Home Visit

For more galleries and information on how you can assist Gweru Children&#...
Midlands State University
Random pictures of one our institutes of Higher Learning
Zimbabwe Military Museum
A selection of pictures from the military museum.
Out on the streets!
Out on the streets of Gweru. Photos courtesy of Paula Matsikidze.
Age Old Gweru
Dated pictures of the beginnings of Gweru as a Modern City

All the coming events in and around Gweru
A list of businesses operating in Gweru